Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Vacation again, with a smile

At last I am now another much deserved vacation again.
Good flight, easy time at both immigration and customs.
At the very least, the US authorities have learnt or maybe re-learnt the importance of respecting other cultures, religions and way of life AND not every one is a potential terrorist.
Listen, for most of us, we have such a great and prosperous life back in our own countries that we are not visiting u to stay on there or to destroy ur way of life.
We are just people who do well enough to be able to afford a couple of holidays a year.
So, if we have nice friends in ur country, we choose to visit u.
That being said, I luv going to the USA because of the diversity of climate and culture that it offers.

The first day after arrival went well as since I arrived on a weekend, my friends were able to arrange a Sunday out hiking and food tasting at the smaller towns. Lovely.
I was unable to give in to jet lagg due to that (tho I did fall asleep every time we all got in the SUV but then so did the others who did not drive!)
Today, Monday, it is a working day so I am left at home alone.
Helped out with my host's laundry. Small job since I get free accommodation. Hehe
I shall rest now. Nap if I can till host gets home.
Maybe we can take an evening walk if it does not get too dark then.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Short update

Busy but managing it.
Sometimes that's the best position to be in.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Later its better

Having a great time after a long time. It does pay to persevere.
Making what seems like difficult decisions because u are walking away from what felt like a good time but what u know is just really a waste of ur precious time.
Hang on to what is REALLY u and not what is an image of u.

Yes, a little while later, the pay-out arrives.
The peace and tranquility is very calming.
U did right.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pain sufferers

Life really is too short but sometimes, thank goodness that it is.
I met my cousin over the weekend and asked her about her Alzheimer suffering mom.
There is never a happy ending for those afflicted by the disease.
They just deteriorate.
This continues until death comes and the pain is gone.
Who suffers the pain?
I used to think that the patients do but maybe I was wrong.
When they deteriorate, they seem to go into another world.
Not knowing who their loved ones are and later also not knowing who they themselves are.
There probably is no pain there for them.
Just a new other world.
Meanwhile, their loved ones suffer day-by-day.
Living with a familiar face and body but not with the same person inside it.
The pain becomes unbearable.
My cousin was/is no angel.
But I have to give due respect to her for taking care of my poor aunt.
I have heard people say that when one suffers much in this world, it is probably because it cleanses u for the next one.
I'd like to believe that my dear aunt is being cleansed.
Sometimes u feel the pain for someone who does not even know that they are suffering.
Am I too being cleansed in the process?

Thursday, December 01, 2011


I have been super busy at work and that is a blessing.
When u r busy, u do not have the time or inclination to think or worry about why supposedly good friends behave in a manner that so make u want them out of ur lives (see previous blog write-up).
But of course being human, there is still those times when u take a pause from what u r busy doing and sadly enuff ur mind wonders to the very points that u have avoided.

Anyways, it may seem like things r the same; it may seem like I am still there; it may seem like I am ok with all the behaviors of my insensitive 'friends' but honestly I am not.
Every day I take a little independent step away. A tiny step at a time.
It will not be noticeable. By intent.
Soon I will be ready to go (to where I have asked God time and time again to where I shall be fully appreciated).
Not too long now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I seem to be surrounded by men in their menopause or something.
Very irritating. I have read that women in their menopausal state can be quite impossible to live with.
But just wait a minute. Have the men seen how they behave some times too?

First a friend (?) who had repeatedly announced that he had had a vasectomy during his now defunct marriage cos they decided not to have any more kids.
Next u see his pic with his current girlfriend and somewhere along the lines he announces that due to his catholic upbringing, marriage must come BEFORE baby. What? Hey, do u know what a vasectomy does?

Next guy was one that I was on a long distance phone call with. He said he was at that point meddling with and getting to know his new iPhone and would soon be going out to the store to get his stuff for cooking. A very few short minutes afterwards he was seen uploading from his mobile on to his FB pics of him partying with some women friends he had met on his hiking group. Surely he did not just get a call from them about a sudden party? (They were all really too old to have sudden parties, anyways) Why the need to lie to me or to be more precise, to not tell me the truth? Hey, I do live too far away to want to be invited along. All I will say is I have been well taught in my upbringing that when someone does that to me (lies), God will repay him in more ways than he knows.

Much as I would joke about this being about men being menopausal, the real issue is trust. I am one of those people who makes a good loyal friend, often forgiving small issues and moving on with the friendship.However, when I no longer trust a person, it really means I have to move away from them. They are just not worth my time and worries.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Back for a short bit.

Yes. Its been sooooooo long since I last posted.
Been busy.
Even when I had the time, I was not in the mood to blog.

Today? Well, I finally took a day off from work and am right now getting my car serviced.
It will be a long wait, so after I face-booked, (yeah, brought the net-book along) I finally decided to blog.

There's free hot drinks and biscuits offered at the car service center but I don't think they can carry me thru till my car is done. May have to walk over to a cafe soon as I am starting to feel the pangs of hunger.

When u r feeling so relaxed (on a day off) u actually cannot find an issue to write about.
OK. Guess that's it for now.